Creating A PDF Report As A Lead Magnet

A proven way to generate leads is by giving away an incentive, which can be information of interest to the audience of a market we are targeting. Online it can be as simple as a PDF Report that they can download after they give you their email address. People will […]

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Email Marketing And Repeat Traffic

Building a list of prospects and customers and having an email newsletter is a great way to get repeat traffic to your website. It is very beneficial to have, just like every business would benefit from having repeat vistors to their store. While your list of customers is the most […]

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YouTube Marketing

Youtube is another site you use to generate free traffic or communicate with people in your target market, as it is both a form of social media as well as the largest search enginge after Google search. People like watching videos, and you can use video to either build trust […]

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Using Social Media To Easily Connect With You Market

Social media sites like youtube, facebook, linkedin, twitter and others have become very popular and marketers and companies alike are using them to reach and connect with their market much easier than ever before. There is a lot of money to be made with social media if they are being […]

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Having Your Own Website

To do business online it is recommended you have your own website with hosting. Even though you may have been told you don’t need one, when you do your promotions through a website you own then you have control. On the other hand, if all you use is 3rd party […]

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