Email Marketing And Repeat Traffic

Building a list of prospects and customers and having an email newsletter is a great way to get repeat traffic to your website. It is very beneficial to have, just like every business would benefit from having repeat vistors to their store. While your list of customers is the most […]

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Generating Traffic With Solo Ads

Perhaps the biggest benefit of building a list is that you have the chance to present your offer and other offers several times to your potential customers instead of just once like when you drive visitors direct to a sales page. While getting traffic to build a list may not […]

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Utilizing Ad Swaps For ‘Free’ Traffic

Once you’ve built a list, you have one more free traffic source that you can use that many people overlook. This method of traffic generation is called Ad Swaps, and you can utilize it once you’ve built a list and can generate clicks yourself. It is a form of joint […]

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