Having Your Own Website

To do business online it is recommended you have your own website with hosting. Even though you may have been told you don’t need one, when you do your promotions through a website you own then you have control. On the other hand, if all you use is 3rd party […]

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Squeeze Page

A Squeeze Page or Lead Capture Page is way you can get someone’s email address and permission to┬áhave them on your mailing list. Just as it was used offline, people will fill their address to receive a sample or something for free Online, the purpose of a squeeze page is […]

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HTML Editor

One tool that comes in handy when making your own webpages, or editing a template that you acquired is an HTML editor. It is also possible to turn a Word document into a web page by clicking ‘save as html’, however it tends to add a lot of unncessary code […]

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Determining Demand In A Niche With Google’s Keyword Tool

…… If you are marketing online keyword research in one of the most important tasks you can do to gain market intelligence. It will help you validate demand for what you want to promote. Google, the biggest search engine people use to search products online, has made it’s keyword tool […]

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Cloaking Your Affiliate Links

Cloaking an affiliate link means to use another link and redirect it to your affiliate link. One reason to cloak may be because Google is not much into affiliate links, however another reason is so others won’t have it very easy to replace your id with their id. It is […]

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