Creating A PDF Report As A Lead Magnet

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A proven way to generate leads is by giving away an incentive, which can be information of interest to the audience of a market we are targeting.

Online it can be as simple as a PDF Report that they can download after they give you their email address.

People will fill in their email address to receive valuable information that they are interested in.

While the information is what is most important, you can also enhance the appeal by giving your report an interesting name or present it with nice graphic or ecover.

As for the creation of the report, you can simply write it in Word or Open Office, then convert it to pdf after formatting it in a way that is easy to read.

Breaking long blocks of text into smaller paragraphs makes it easier on the eye and more enjoyable to read.

You can also add images and polish it to make it look more professional.

It can be as simple as giving away information your target market is looking for or would like to know, then package it and offer it in return for their email address or other contact information.

You may also include links within the report to other offers you may have.

Creating the pdf in Open Office is as simple as clicking the pdf image/button and it will instantly create a pdf file that you can use.

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