Determining Demand In A Niche With Google’s Keyword Tool

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Keyword Tool

If you are marketing online keyword research in one of the most important tasks you can do to gain market intelligence. It will help you validate demand for what you want to promote.

Google, the biggest search engine people use to search products online, has made it’s keyword tool now called Keyword Planner available to use for free, when you open an Adwords account, which you can do for free or sign up with your gmail account if you have one.

With Keyword Planner you can search any keyword and it will give you the monthly search for that keyword and other related keywords.

To gain more accurate data, you can put the keyword between quotations (“”) to make it Exact Match and get the more accurate monthly search.

This a great tool to assess demand very easily, and should be used, especially if you are using

* Pay Per Click or
* Search Engine Optimization

however you can use it either way to check out out demand in a certain market.

You can do this for however many keywords and related keywords you want, then download the data as an excel file.

While general keywords tend to be more poular and competitive, you can check the demand for more specific “long-tail” keywords and use them instead as they’ll have less competition.

The sweet spot is somewhere in between, where you have enough demand while not have too much competition. Also, keep in mind:

While general keywords and search terms (Broad Match) will get you more traffic, specfic keywords and search terms will get you more targeted traffic (Exact Match & Phrase Match).

If you interested only in certain locations, Google gives you the option to narrow your search from global search to certain countries and certain areas.

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