Email Marketing And Repeat Traffic

20, Sep 2014 by Dani in Email Marketing     No Comments


Building a list of prospects and customers and having an email newsletter is a great way to get repeat traffic to your website.

It is very beneficial to have, just like every business would benefit from having repeat vistors to their store. While your list of customers is the most valuable asset, prospects who have subscribed to your list are also very valuable because they are potential customers who can buy from you in the future when the time is right.

Your lists of customers and prospects should be separate, but your newsletter can be sent to both lists.

It is a great way to generate high quality traffic, as they are people who joined your list because they are interested in your website’s topic or made a purchase from you. They are the best candidates to buy from you and they can be the lifeblood of your business.

Repeat customers are great to have and should treated extra special. Potential prospects can also be very important to your business, and should be enticed to buy from you by giving them a special or incentive.

While some people and customers will leave your list, with email marketing your customers and prospects will accumulate as you keep building your list.

Email marketing can give you repeat traffic while building you an asset, and should be seriously considered if you want to build a solid online business.


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