Free Traffic With Forum Marketing

18, Feb 2014 by Dani in Forum Marketing       No Comments


Forum marketing is one type of marketing that is free and can even be enjoyable. It can also be a good source of targeted traffic.

Many forums allow you to include a link to your website in your signature line.

Look for discussion forums in your niche and join it. Just be careful to approach it correctly, following the rules of the forum so you don’t risk getting banned or alienating the members.

Just become a member and try being helpful when you can by answering questions and giving useful information.

See what questions people are asking that you can answer, then simply give relevant or helpful information that they and other readers will appreciate.

You can also ask your own questions as well or just contribute to the discussion as part of the community.

Make sure you’re contributing according to the forum’s culture and that your posts are not ‘spammy’.

Forum members can click your signature link and visit your website if they like you or get intrigued by your posts or your signature itself.

Check out the forum rules, and pay attention to whether they allow affiliate links or not, and if they allow direct promotion in your post.

Get familiar with a forum of your choice, particpate in the discussions consistently and see how it works.

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