Generating Traffic With Solo Ads

29, Jan 2014 by Dani in Email Marketing       No Comments

Perhaps the biggest benefit of building a list is that you have the chance to present your offer and other offers several times to your potential customers instead of just once like when you drive visitors direct to a sales page.

While getting traffic to build a list may not be easy at the start, you can use paid advertising in the form of solo ads, which are ads in another marketer’s list to your squeeze page, and start gradually picking up speed in building your list.

Solo ads are probably the easiest form of traffic generation, as you are placing your ad in a marketer’s email that goes to his list of already qualified prospects in your market.

You can start small and test your offers, then scale with them like no other form of traffic.

To scale all you have to do is place your ad with more and more marketers or solo ad vendors.

The same rules apply like with other forms of advertising, which means you track your results and keep advertising with the ones that get you results and drop the ones that don’t.

Every traffic source has it’s pros and downside, with solo ads the best benefit is speed and the ability to scale up very quickly. Also, you are advertising directly to qualified prospects and buyers. Another major benefit is there is not a big learning curve with solo ads like with other forms of traffic generation such as Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, and other.

The only downside is you have to test to find out the reputable marketers and sellers that would get you results. However, this is nodifferent than PPC where you have to test keywords to find the winners and eliminate the losers. With every form of paid advertising you have your initial testing cost, till you get enough data to go by.

When you order a solo ad from a marketer you pay per click.

Only in batches of 100 clicks, which will send visitors to your offer or a squeeze page with an incentive to turn visitors into subscribers. This form of marketing is one of the fastest ways of traffic generation.


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