Having Your Own Website

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To do business online it is recommended you have your own website with hosting. Even though you may have been told you don’t need one, when you do your promotions through a website you own then you have control.

On the other hand, if all you use is 3rd party sites then you really won’t have a business you can rely on, because you don’t own it, and your pages and all your activities can go down any time. The good news is the cost is very small compared to any other type of business, for you online real estate all you need is a domain for a flat 10 bucks or so a year that you can get from Godaddy, then hosting around $8 or so per month which is better to get from HostGator. With the Baby Plan you can have unlimited domains should you have more in the future.

Setup Your Own Website in 3 Simple Steps:

1. Sign up for hosting with HostGator baby plan, and save the email you receive (it contains DNS info we’ll use in step 2).

2. Buy domain from Godaddy, login in Godaddy, then under DNS settings: fill with the ones you got from HostGator.

3. That’s all! Now your domain is live on hostgator, and you can start adding files/pages to your website, either with HostGator’s “File Manager” or manually with an FTP program like FileZilla. (FTP = File Transfer Protocol) You can download FileZilla here for free.

Everything then from generating traffic and leads, placing affiliate links and other promotions will be controlled by you.

Even when you use other sites for their popularity, it is better to redirect all traffic through a domain you own, this way you control the traffic flow and can redirect it anywhere you want in the future if you needed to change offers and promote something else.

It is better to get your domain and hosting, than give up control of your traffic and business. Also, when you get a domain try to use .com, as most people remeber it the most, and either get yourname.com or something broad so you have the flexibilty and use it for something different if you later had a change in plans.

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