How To Create A Screen Capture Video

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For creating a demonstration video on how to do a certain task you can create a simple screen capture video of you going through the process.

To achieve this you can use a paid software like Camtasia that has additional features you may like to use, or you create it with a free program like CamStudio.

Screen Capture is a great way to create a tutorial video or demonstrate how to perform a task from start to finish.

This eliminates the need to write everything down and try to explain with a lot of words.

* Simply demonstrate the process after you click record, and the program will capture everyhting you are doing on the screen and deliver it as a video file.

* Hit Record and the software will capture the screen with everything you do and records your voice as you talk into it.

Tip: Make sure your voice is loud enough.

If when you’re talking the volume too low to listen to it will be very annoying to listen to when someone is trying find out what you’re saying.

* When done, take the video file and upload it to your website or youtube, title it and it is ready for viewing.

That’s all there is to it.

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