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One tool that comes in handy when making your own webpages, or editing a template that you acquired is an HTML editor.

It is also possible to turn a Word document into a web page by clicking ‘save as html’, however it tends to add a lot of unncessary code that may slow down loading your site.

There is a good html editor that you can download for free called NVU (or Kompozer).

Just find it on Google and download. You can open any template you have and edit it just like you’re editing a Word document, because it is a WYSIWIG editor (What You See Is What You Get). Then after you’re done, just save it and it’s ready to be put on your website.

You can always outsource this if you wish, however if you can work with a Word document, then it is very similar and there is no reason you should always wait for someone else every time you need to make a change to your website.

Of course, another option is to use a WordPress blog from, then you have everything templated when you choose a theme, then pick different plugins for the functions that you want.

NVU comes with a simple user interface, and you can switch to code view if you know how to play with the code,

if not you can do everything from the main screen:

* Font selection
* color
* size
* page layout
* inserting links
* and so on

can be set like in any editor, and the program creates the code automatically in the background so you don’t have to mess with coding or css.

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