Installing A WordPress Theme

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Once you’ve decided to create your wordpress blog, the next thing to consider is dressing it up with a ‘theme’. A theme is like a pre-made design for a website, all configured up in php by a skilled programmer.

WordPress became very popular becasue you can do anything with it, and best of all, all of the hard coding and nuances are done for you. All you have to do is pick something you like and go with it.

That’s the beauty of a theme. Just look among several themes and pick the one that has the functionalities you want on your blog.

It makes it very easy for you to customize, without having to mess with HTML, css or even php, just point and click.

You can use the default WordPress themes that came with your blog, however your site will then not be so unique and may even not have the functionality you want.

Look at what themes are available, both free and paid and decide which one you like and if it has the functions you want.

You’ll most probably have more features with a premium theme, however many free themes that are available may be sufficient depending on what you want from your blog.

Just search ‘WordPress themes’ and look over them.

WordPress has made installing a theme a lot easier.

Just pick the theme you like, click install and wordpress will install it for you.

If you bought a premium them, you can browse the theme file you downloaded, then press Upload in wordpress if you don’t want to use an FTP program. After that, just click Install.

Once installed click Activate and you’re now ready to start adding pages and posts from within wordpress.


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