Cloaking Your Affiliate Links

Cloaking an affiliate link means to use another link and redirect it to your affiliate link. One reason to cloak may be because Google is not much into affiliate links, however another reason is so others won’t have it very easy to replace your id with their id. It is […]

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Amazon For Market Research

One of the great ways to assess demand and profitabilty of a market you are considering, is through You can think of Amazon as a search engine for buyers, because most of the people who search there are people who are actually going there with the intent to buy. […]

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How To Create A Screen Capture Video

For creating a demonstration video on how to do a certain task you can create a simple screen capture video of you going through the process. To achieve this you can use a paid software like Camtasia that has additional features you may like to use, or you create it […]

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Free Traffic With Forum Marketing

Forum marketing is one type of marketing that is free and can even be enjoyable. It can also be a good source of targeted traffic. Many forums allow you to include a link to your website in your signature line. Look for discussion forums in your niche and join it. […]

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  Being an entrepreneur means taking risks, calculated risks, in order to achieve great rewards. One of the best ways to hedge your odds is by having multiple streams of income. There are several types of income that are desirable: * Passive income – this is income that you don’t […]

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