Paid Traffic From Bing & Yahoo Search (PPC)

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One of the several ways of marketing to drive traffic is Pay Per Click or PPC, which is very effective for getting instant results.

Pay Per Click advertising is very targeted, because visitors have to actually click on your ad, which makes them highly qualified.

Other methods take a lot of time or work before you get any traffic, but PPC when done right can be very quick.

It can give you traffic almost instantly the very first day you start, but you have to be careful with picking the keywords you target, otherwise it can get very expensive. Your ad will basically show up when someone put a search query for a certain word or phrase (keyword) in the search engine. So the trick is thinking of keywords that the market you’re targeting will typically use.

The ad will appear on the right side of, or on top of the organic search results.

You only pay when someone clicks on your ad

which is very performance based in nature. While Google is the first popular search engine, many people also use Yahoo Search and Microsoft’s Bing Search, both of which you target when you create an account with Bing, as the two have merged together.

Then you can start the process by picking keywords to bid on and picking how much you are willing to spend for you ad to be displayed.

The key to success with pay per click is to keep an eye on your results and adjust your bids accordingly.

Some keywords are expensive and have more competition, and if they bring you more revenue than what they cost you can keep them, otherwise you can still use other keywords that are less popular but still get clicks, traffic and results.

Once you get success with these you can decide to go for the more expensive ones if you wish, and if the average combined cost is right compared to the revenue you generate.

Drop keywords that are not converting & keep the ones that convert.

For those keywords that convert, you can increase the bid on them and find more keywords that are similar to target. If you have a budget for Pay Per Click, then it is a great way to market provided you monitor your results and optimize your campaigns accordingly.

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