Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For ‘Free’ Search Engine Traffic

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO as a concept was first utilized to let the search engines show content in the search results that is relevant to the keywords or phrases being searched.

Marketers can use this fact to ‘optimize’ their websites for keywords that their target market would use, then would enjoy the ‘free’ traffic they would get from the search engines.

However, depending on the market you operate in, it may take less or more work, which is decided by the amount of competition for your chosen keywords.

To Get The Most Traffic Your Aim Is To Get On The First Page

Tet the most traffic, you need to be among the first 20 search results, otherwise most people won’t see your page.

If you operate in a competitive market, you can optimize for more specific keyword or so called ‘long-tail keywords’ which may get less traffic, but still generate enough traffic without the competition of the more general keywords.

Among factors like relevancy of the actual content on your website to the search query, SEO can be broken up in two parts:

On-Page & Off-Page Optimization

On-page would be the appearance of the keyword on your pagein the page headline, title, address bar, image and videotitles, and so on.

Off-page is mainly about ‘back-links’ or links from other pages or websites to your particular page. Other factors search engines are now using to determine relevancy are site engagement and how long people stay, or if they just click away directly after they visit.

The general rule is to have content that is related to the keyword people are searching, and search engines like Google have developed algorithims to calculate how related a page is to a certain keyword versus another page, then display in descending order from the most relevant to the next.

While ‘free’, it does take time to overrank other pages if your market is very competitive.

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