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A Squeeze Page or Lead Capture Page is way you can get someone’s email address and permission to have them on your mailing list. Just as it was used offline,

people will fill their address to receive a sample or something for free

Online, the purpose of a squeeze page is to capture someone’s email where they get a free report, audio, access to information or anything that will appeal to that particular market.

If you have been online for any length of time, you must have heard that the money is in the list. This is true, especially if follow up and build trust with your subscribers and customers.

The list is the way direct marketing or 2-step marketing is conducted online. It start with a simple page, with the sole purpose of capturing someone’s email (Squeeze Page), then you have their permission to send them your email newsletter and updates as long as they wish to stay.

First, you offer them an incentive they would be interested in.

Then you can further communicate with them. So the Squeeze Page (or Lead Capture Page) should be simple and with the sole purpose of capturing their contact information.

For that purpose, all that is needed is a headline that let them know what they’ll get, then a call to action to fill their email and a little box where they can enter thei email.

You can ask for more or outline more benefits if you wish, however the simpler it is the better usually.

After they fill their email, you deliver their report or information you promised to their email with an autoresponder, and then you can promote to them over and over, while they have the option to unsubscribe any time they wish.

To have a successful squeeze page, the report or information should be of interest to your target market.

And there should be no other distractions. Just a headline letting them know what they will get, and instructions to fill their email, then they have  the choice to either put in their email or leave the page.

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