Creating A PDF Report As A Lead Magnet

A proven way to generate leads is by giving away an incentive, which can be information of interest to the audience of a market we are targeting. Online it can be as simple as a PDF Report that they can download after they give you their email address. People will […]

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YouTube Marketing

Youtube is another site you use to generate free traffic or communicate with people in your target market, as it is both a form of social media as well as the largest search enginge after Google search. People like watching videos, and you can use video to either build trust […]

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Paid Traffic From Bing & Yahoo Search (PPC)

One of the several ways of marketing to drive traffic is Pay Per Click or PPC, which is very effective for getting instant results. Pay Per Click advertising¬†is very targeted, because visitors have to actually click on your ad, which makes them highly qualified. Other methods take a lot of […]

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Squeeze Page

A Squeeze Page or Lead Capture Page is way you can get someone’s email address and permission to¬†have them on your mailing list. Just as it was used offline, people will fill their address to receive a sample or something for free Online, the purpose of a squeeze page is […]

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Determining Demand In A Niche With Google’s Keyword Tool

…… If you are marketing online keyword research in one of the most important tasks you can do to gain market intelligence. It will help you validate demand for what you want to promote. Google, the biggest search engine people use to search products online, has made it’s keyword tool […]

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