Utilizing Ad Swaps For ‘Free’ Traffic

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Once you’ve built a list, you have one more free traffic source that you can use that many people overlook.

This method of traffic generation is called Ad Swaps, and you can utilize it once you’ve built a list and can generate clicks yourself. It is a form of joint venture partnership between marketers, where you send an email with someone’s ad to your list and they do the same for you.

You may have noticed big name marketers send you a promotion to someone’s resource where you have to enter your email to get it. If you have a big list you can just arrange a deal where you send for each other, or if your list is not too big you can arrange an Ad Swap based on the number of clicks you each send.

It Is A Form Of Joint Venture Traffic

Practically a Solo Ad, where you don’t pay moeny, but rather reciprocate with your partner marketer.

This type of free traffic will be available to you once you’ve built a list to a certain size.

To build your list of subscribers you need to use some of the other methods of traffic generation. If you have a marketing budget, paid advertising will be the fastest way, like pay per click or solo ads. Then you can use ad swaps and get traffic for free.


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