YouTube Marketing

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Youtube is another site you use to generate free traffic or communicate with people in your target market, as it is both a form of social media as well as the largest search enginge after Google search.

People like watching videos, and you can use video to either build trust or educate.

As a marketer you’ll find videos to very powerful when used properly. People look for information about a topic might find your video and get to your website through your link, or you can use video to enhance trust and relationship building with your audience.

With YouTube the playing field has been leveled:

You no longer need to get featured on TV to reach your market, as more and more people have already shifted to the internet, because they can find want they want and are interested in on demand.

All you have to do is get on camera or create a presentation with only your voice, the upload it to youtube and you’ll have it there.

And the whole process is free.

If you are doing Search Engine Optimization for traffic, then youtube should definitely be part of the mix, as more and more people are directly searching through youtube.

However, youtube is also great to communicate with your audience and let them see you are a real person. You can also use it as a social media and build your own channel.

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